Dominic Fike Will Kick Off A New Era With His Upcoming Single, ‘Dancing In The Courthouse’

Dominic Fike joined The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon all the way back in February 2022 and confirmed his character Elliot (who isn’t a stretch from Fike’s real-life persona, according to Fike) will return for the third season of Euphoria. We still have no idea when the third season of Euphoria will arrive, but today (April 12) Fike gave fans a better idea of when his sophomore LP might drop.

“thank god for Florida,” Fike tweeted. “courthouse friday.”

The single’s title is actually “Dancing In The Courthouse,” as revealed at the end of the video snippet in Fike’s tweet and an Instagram caption from the photographer Daniel Prakopcyk.

The snippet features Fike staring up at the sun and shielding his eyes with his hand. “People make up your mind / Until you can’t even tell / When someone gives you sign,” he sings. “But we make the ground our grave by layin’ in it / We make our problems fade by facing ’em / We make the wind our wings by raising your arms at the top of the world.”

The song abruptly cuts out, and we see Fike sitting in the car with his friend – implying he was playing the same snippet for his friend. “I like that,” the friend says. “Thanks,” Fike says. “I think that’s how it starts. I think that’s how the album starts.”

Fike’s debut album, What Could Possibly Go Wrong, released in July 2020. Since then, he has featured on Justin Bieber’s Justice album and Sir Paul McCartney’s McCartney III Imagined. And who could forget “Elliot’s Song“?

Fike teased his next studio album during his Out Of Order Tour last fall.

“It’s obviously been a while since I’ve toured. It’s been a while since I’ve released music,” Fike told the crowd at his tour-opening Seattle show on November 6, as tweeted by a fan at the time. “I don’t stop working. I don’t go out or anything, so the only thing I do is make music, so I have like four albums. … I have this new album that comes out really soon. It’s really good. It’s very honest. I think the world is missing honesty.”

In recent days, Fike has shared documentary-style videos captioned “Florida, part 1” and “Florida, part 2.” Watch them below.