People Think Donald Glover’s TV Series ‘Atlanta’ Predicted Justin Bieber’s Album ‘Justice’

For years, people have been noticing how certain predictions of the future in The Simpsons end up actually coming true, like Trump’s presidential campaign and Kamala Harris’ Inauguration Day outfit. But now, people have noticed that Donald Glover’s Emmy-nominated series Atlanta may have coincidentally made an accurate pop culture prediction about Justin Bieber. The singer released his album Justice on Friday, a title that Atlanta forecast in their first season’s episode “Nobody Beats The Biebs.”

The episode originally aired back on September 27 2016. Earn’s cousin and client, Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles, participated in a celebrity basketball game benefiting the community’s youth. The celebrity in question ended up being Justin Bieber. Instead of tapping Bieber to act in the episode, the show cast Black actor Austin Crute.

During the episode, Bieber held a press conference at the charity basketball game where he announced his next album would be titled — you guessed it — Justice. “I’m not a bad guy. I actually love Christ,” Bieber says in a scene from the episode. “I guess I’ve just been hanging out with the wrong people. Which is why I want to sing this new single from my upcoming album, Justice.”

Watch a clip from Atlanta‘s “Nobody Beats The Biebs” episode above.

Justice is out now via Def Jam. Get it here.