Dua Lipa’s Shreds The 2024 BRIT Awards With A Core Strengthening Performance Of Her Single ‘Training Season’

Dua Lipa is an international sensation. Well, if you count the fictional world of Barbieland, she’s a talent beyond atmospheric restrictions. In February, Dua flexed her physical capabilities as part of her 2024 Grammys performance, converting the main stage into a jungle gym of sorts. Today (March 2), Dua Lipa showed off her core strengthening performance of “Training Season” at the 2024 BRIT Awards (watch here).

As the opening entertainment for the ceremony, Dua Lipa made sure to grab the attention of the crowded stadium of industry professionals and fellow entertainers. With her and her army of background dancers dressed in matching sleek black leather outfits, the bar of fierceness was already off the meters. Dua Lipa belts out the pop banger’s initial notes but wastes no time transitioning into a full-out choreographed break.

If you weren’t impressed by the nonstop dancing, you can’t scuff at the performers’ in-air footwork. What about Dua Lipa’s live acrobatics (reminiscent of Miley Cyrus’ Endless Summer Vacation album cover)? The sheer endurance Dua Lipa showed on stage lets viewers know that she’s ready for her forthcoming music festival appearances and a tour if she chooses to announce one.

The countdown for Dua Lipa’s next album has begun, and she has the endurance to stretch it out for as long as she needs to.

Dua Lipa is a Warner Music artist. .