Epik High Unleashes ‘Strawberry’ EP Featuring Collabs With Jackson Wang And Hwasa Of Mamamoo

If you’ve been lingering around Twitter lately, and just so happen to come across Tablo’s Twitter, then you would know the new Epik High project is solely being marketed by memes posted by Tablo and fans. And it’s been entertaining.

After a week of editing memes, the Korean hip-hop trio’s newest EP, Strawberry, released today (February 1). The five-track EP carries two lead singles, both of which are collaborations with two famous acts within the K-pop community. ‘Magic Man’ Jackson Wang joins Epik High in their song “On My Way,” while HwaSa of MAMAMOO features on the group’s other lead single “Catch.”

“What we wanted to do at the beginning of our 20th anniversary together, that is 2023, is deliver music that’s sweet and fresh,” Tablo shared in an official press release. “People may expect music that’s reminiscing or that’s weighed down by the years, but we wanted to go against that expectation and create something that sounds like three guys who just created a group together.”

The new EP is available on all streaming platforms.

Check out the full track list to Epik High’s Strawberry EP below.

1. “Strawberry”
2. “On My Way” Feat. Jackson Wang
3. “Catch” Feat. HwaSa of MAMAMOO
4. “Down Bad Freestyle”
5. “God’s Latte”