Billie Eilish And Finneas Seem To Be Starting 2023 In Songwriting Mode And Finneas Is Excited About Their ‘Great’ New Lyrics

It’s now been about a year and a half since Billie Eilish released her second and most recent album, 2021’s Happier Than Ever. On occasion since then, there has been word of Eilish and brother/collaborator Finneas working on new music, like when Eilish shared a studio photo last summer. Now, it appears that’s how they’re starting 2023.

Late last night (technically early this morning, January 3), an Eilish fan hopped on Twitter and asked Finneas, “what are your favourite lyrics you and billie wrote together?” The tweet got a response, as Finneas replied, “We wrote some great ones today.”

This past July, Finneas spoke reverently about her brother’s songwriting abilities, saying, “Finneas can work anytime. The dude doesn’t get a break, like, within himself. He doesn’t need it. For me, I kind of go through phases of feeling really creative and actually getting stuff done, and then go through phases of absolutely nothing at all, musically. The creativity works in other ways, but musically, Finneas is just… the guy can write so fast and so well and so often and constant. It’s his way of expressing himself and it’s really kind of his only way, and so I think that’s a big part of it. For me, I have a lot of ways of expressing myself that I find myself good at, and maybe better at, and feel really confident at. And for Finneas, songwriting is just, like, his tool.”