Griff And Sigrid Follow Through On The Rumors And Link Up For The Sizzling ‘Head On Fire’

Just before 2021 came to a close, Norwegian pop star Sigrid and British pop sensation (and Uproxx cover star) Griff started dropping hints on social media that a collaboration between the two might be in the works. Today, the pair have delivered the goods on the explosive “Head On Fire,” which was also named today’s BBC Radio One’s Hottest Record In The World.

Sigrid opens on vocals in a new video which takes place in an opulent theater dressing room. The pair join up for the track’s first crescendo, singing, “I think I’m losing my mind over here, over you, every night.” Griff takes her turn, before the pair harmonize again as the chorus peaks with “….Impossible fight! Over here, without you, every night / Sitting here with my head on fire!” It’s delightfully sticky empowerment pop from the duo that was a long-time coming for the pair.

“I’ve looked up to Sigrid so much, especially as a young girl who broke through making powerful, credible pop music,” Griff said in a statement. “So I was excited to hear she wanted to write. We hung out and made ‘Head On Fire,’ this really fun, feel-good song, and I’m excited for the world to finally hear us on a track together.” Sigrid adds that the song is “about that feeling when you meet someone who just flips everything upside down and you can’t focus on anything else but that person.”

Listen to “Head On Fire” above.

Griff is a Warner Music artist. .