Griff Hinted That She Has A Collaboration Coming With Norwegian Pop Star Sigrid

For rising UK pop star Griff, 2021 was a breakout year. She released her first mixtape, One Foot In Front Of The Other, and broke out in a huge way with the single “Black Hole,” which earned her attention from Spotify, and followed that up with a brand new single, “One Night.” Now, she’s getting ready to keep up the momentum in 2022, this time by collaborating with another force, this one in the Norwegian pop world. Sigrid — whose 2019 debut Sucker Punch was one of the best pop records of the year — is clearly a fan of Griff, and vice versa.

After the pair both shared photos with each other on Instagram recently, yesterday Griff shared a tweet that mashes up both pop stars telling BBC that they’d like to collaborate with each other. That alone might not be enough to get fans pontificating, but Griff posting the mashed up video to her Twitter feed with a couple of winking emojis and a tag for Sigrid all but seals the deal. Considering both of these young artists are bringing a fresh sound to the sometimes overproduced and over-crowded pop world — and they both emphasize strong lyrics and storytelling — it seems like a match made in heaven. Keep us posted, ladies!