Holly Humberstone Offers A Captivating Debut TV Performance Of ‘Can You Afford To Lose Me’

Holly Humberstone appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night (November 22) to deliver a mesmerizing debut TV performance of her new single, “Can You Afford To Lose Me?.”

Sitting at a piano with a microphone attached, Humberstone details an honest and heartbreaking tale of a relationship that’s in the final moments. “You were my home planet / You were my stars, my holy place / Hmm, but you took me for granted / Right from the start now, didn’t you, babe?” she sings on the opening verse.

Humberstone was also joined by a backing band, although the lighting placed the focus solely on her. The stage design elevated the mood with dark blue hues and subtle spotlights.

Can You Afford To Lose Me?” doubles as the title for her recent collection of tracks written at different points in her career. According to coverage in Far Out, Humberstone has called it “one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.”

“I guess this is me closing the chapter on the first part of my journey,” she says of the collection. “I’m writing my debut album as we speak and it’s going to come next year. It’s my most personal music yet, and I hope I can continue to document my experiences for them to become yours.”

Watch Humberstone perform “Can You Afford To Lose Me?” on Colbert above.