Noa Kirel Offers Up A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Lovers

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’ll be holiday gift shopping time before you know it. Every year, gift buyers are faced with the unique challenge of trying to figure out what they should be getting for their loved ones to show their love and affection. Luckily, we here at Uproxx got some of our favorite artists to help get the juices flowing with the Uproxx Holiday Gift Guide, letting the world in on the best gives they’ve ever given, received, or ones they wish they had thought of.

First up is Noa Kirel, the Israeli pop star who released her first English-language single earlier this year. “Please Don’t Suck” is what Caitlin White called in a July issue of the Pop Life newsletter “the kind of old school earworm that is destined to blare out of boomboxes, car stereos, and DJ sets all summer long.” Now, Kirel is recommending tickets to Disneyland, her new beauty collection, and more in the first Uproxx Holiday Gift Guide.

bruno mars doo wop

What’s the album (not your own) that makes the best holiday gift, and why do you love it?

I’d say anything by Bruno Mars. It’s just such feel-good music and Bruno is one of a kind.

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What’s a perfect gift for your significant other, and why?

I currently don’t have a significant other, but the best gift for me is a vacation abroad. Sharing experiences, seeing new places, and being together in a new setting.

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What do you give to the musician in your life?

It will be either food or studio gear. lol

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Oh no, you have to buy a gift for a kid. What’s something you’d get for a child?

A day in an amusement park for sure!

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Mom and dad can be the hardest to shop for. What’s a great gift for the parental figure in your life?

For my mom, clothes or bags. For my dad.. maybe a gadget (You got me here!)

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noa kirel beauty
Noa Kirel

What’s the one merch item of yours that you think makes a great gift and why?

My beauty collection of hair tools or Bling perfume will be the best gift! Also — for the younger girls there’s a mini set and I’m obsessed with it!

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Some of the best gifts are experiences? What’s an experience you think would make a great gift?

Yes! I’m all about that. A vacation or Disneyland is definitely my personal faves!

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Noa Kirel’s “Bad Little Thing” is out now. Listen here.

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