Olivia Rodrigo And Dr. Fauci Read Funny Vaccine Tweets To Help Spread Awareness

About seven months ago, Olivia Rodrigo was a star on a Disney Channel show, but probably didn’t have many fans beyond those who knew her from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Now, she’s one of the world’s biggest pop stars who is earning invites to the White House. She held a press conference there a couple days ago, during which she encouraged vaccination, and now she and Dr. Fauci have teamed up for a fun new video.

In the clip, Rodrigo and Fauci do their own spin on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! “Mean Tweets” segment, except all the tweets are nice in nature and about vaccines. The pair seemed amused after Fauci read a tweet referring to the vaccine shot as a “Fauci ouchie.” Rodrigo was also pleased to hear about one Twitter user who listened to Rodrigo’s music on her way to get vaccinated, saying she’s proud to have provided the soundtrack for that moment.

Fauci also had a bit of a funny moment, not understanding that “ppl” is short of “people” and therefore reading out the individual letters. Rodrigo, ever the polite guest, opted to not correct him. Fauci also revealed the greatest concert he’s ever been to, saying it was a concert in the ’50s that featured The Temptations and The Four Tops.

Fauci has gotten to know Rodrigo a little better now, but before her White House visit, he didn’t seem to have a firm grasp on just how influential she has become this year. In an interview ahead of their meet-up, he noted of his knowledge about her, “I understand that she’s a very popular figure among young individuals.”

Check out the video above.