Robert De Niro On Taylor Swift: ‘I’m Not Not A Fan’

Taylor Swift has a lot of fans. That’s obvious enough without needing to prove it, but as evidence of that, note that all of her albums, save for her self-titled debut, have topped the charts in various countries around the world. As is the case with anybody who has reached that level of popularity, though, there are people out there who absolutely cannot stand Swift.

As for Robert De Niro, he falls somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

In a new Variety interview, De Niro and fellow Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal talked about this year’s event, which will feature Swift’s “All Too Well” short film. De Niro declared (perhaps jokingly, based on the laugh and what he said next), “I have all of her albums [laughs].” He then continued, “I’m not not a fan. I probably hear her music and like it on the radio. My young daughter puts a station on, and it drives me crazy when they chat. When they have music, it’s OK. […] We have a deal that when the chatter goes on, we go to chill [music]. That’s the compromise. I go to spa [music] when I’m alone.”

Rosenthal also noted of Swift, “We’re always looking to show artists’ work to show what else they do — the interdisciplinary work. It’s always interesting to watch what artists do when they’re not doing what we think that they should continually do.”

Check out the full interview here.