Taylor Swift’s ‘Mastermind’ Is The New Soundtrack For Boyfriend Acquisition Stories On TikTok

Taylor Swift’s “Mastermind,” the tenth song on her new (and also, tenth) studio album, Midnights, has been making serious waves on TikTok. Lyrically, Swift details how she meticulously planned parts of a relationship, presumably to land her current partner, Joe Alwyn.

From “ending up in the same room at the same time” and noting that “none of it was accidental,” she reveals at the song’s end that he wound up knowing the entire time about everything and who she was.

Following the song’s release, listeners are coming forward on social media to share the personal lengths they went to “Mastermind” their relationships. Quite a few worked out in their favor.

“as a result of new taylor swift song ‘mastermind’ girls have been posting their boyfriend acquisition stories on tiktok,” one viral tweet reads. The post includes a handful of screenshotted TikTok stories.

“I found this band on Spotify that I loved so much that I listened to their songs 50 times a day for a month, and then I thought ‘Hey the singers voice sounds raspy and hot’ and I looked him up and he was my dream man,” one video’s caption reads. “I shamelessly played one of his songs on the background of my stories and tagged them and he messaged me about it… I told him I didn’t really know anything about his music and we’ve been dating for two years.”

Other stories include girls requesting information for programs they weren’t in just to land a tour guide hottie, watching/reading things to have conversations with their crushes, and even lending a man a book to land a second date. Still, as most things go, it has sparked a debate online. Is it manipulative to “Mastermind” someone or not?

As one TikTok user pointed out, many of the couples presented in the viral stories are now in long-term relationships and seemingly happy. Only time will tell if it lasts after this trend. For now, others are simply lightening the mood with cat videos.

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