What Did Charli XCX Say About ‘Crash?’

2022’s Crash was the biggest commercial success of Charli XCX’s career, topping the charts in the UK and going top-10 in the US, both firsts for her. Now, though, it seems it’s not a project she looks back on with 100-percent fondness.

What Did Charli XCX Say About Crash?

Charli is the subject of a new feature from The Face, and an excerpt from it reads:

“With Crash, Charli set out to make a commercially viable record. Now, she’s sick of the ‘vanilla palatable flatness’ in the pop landscape. ‘There were songs on Crash that I would never listen to,’ she admits, picking out smooth disco track Yuck as an example. ‘I needed to switch after Crash — I wasn’t born to do radio liners,’ she says of the call-outs that appear between songs on stations. ‘That’s not who I am at all.'”

In a perhaps-related tweet shared after the publication of the feature, Charli wrote, “if you want the context, read the interview. if you don’t want the context, just make up whatever you like and convince yourself it’s the truth… it’s 2024 who gives a f*ck!”

Charli has previously expressed some level of uncertainty about pop success. Of Crash, she said in August 2022, “It’s still a shock to me — and it’s quite stressful because I’m like, ‘Oh crap, what do I do now?’ I feel like the narrative around my work has often been, ‘She’s one step ahead,’ or, ‘She’s pushing the boundaries and no one ever quite gets her.’ So to achieve these things feels really special and unique, and it’s something I feel like I’ve achieved with my fans. But at the same time, what does it mean for me?”

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. .