Here’s What Time Jung Kook’s New Album ‘Golden’ Will Come Out

The ongoing BTS hiatus has been both a curse and a blessing for fans. One on hand, the most obvious implication is that the K-pop group isn’t currently active. A side effect of that, though, is that band members have been better able to pursue solo projects outside of the group. The latest to do so in Jung Kook, who has his first solo album, Golden coming out tomorrow, November 3.

In terms of what specific time you’ll actually be able to listen to the project, here’s what to know.

As is true for most major music releases these days, Golden is set to hit streaming services at midnight ET on November 3. So, if you’re, for example, on the West Coast of the United States, you can hear Golden at 9 p.m. PT. If you’re somewhere else in the world, time zone conversion websites are your friend. Here’s one with the base time already set to midnight ET on the 3rd, so just add your city or time zone and that’ll tell you when you’ll be able to listen to Golden.

If you want to see the tracklist or other information about the album, we’ve put together a guide that you can check out here.

Golden is out 11/3 via Big Hit. Find more information here.