When Will Justin Timberlake’s ‘Everything I Thought It Was’ Album Be On Spotify?

Justin Timberlake has been planning to make a grand return to music, after announcing his next album a few months ago. In that time, he released a few singles like “Selfish” and “Drown.”

He appeared as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, after not appearing on the show for years. He even popped up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to take over the opening monologue, as just a few key moments in the promotional cycle.

Now, he is just a couple of hours away from releasing Everything I Thought It Was. For fans who are hoping to hear Timberlake’s new album when it’s out on Spotify, here’s when you can expect it on the platform.

When Will Justin Timberlake’s Everything I Thought It Was Album Be On Spotify?

Justin Timberlake’s Everything I Thought It Was will be released on Spotify at midnight ET or 9 p.m. for those on the West Coast. For those in another time zone and hoping to listen, you would convert from there to find out when the album will be available to stream.

The new album will also include Timberlake’s collaborations with Fireboy DML, NSYNC, and Nwigwe once it drops.

Everything I Thought It Was is out 3/15 via RCA Records. Find more information here.