Yuna Pines For Boy Next Door Tyler The Creator In Her Wistful ‘Castaway’ Video

Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna pines for boy next door Tyler The Creator in the wistful video for her latest Rouge single, “Castaway.” The video finds Yuna wandering a desolate two-story alone, catching Tyler peeking at her from his own house as she stares dolefully out the window. Eventually, Tyler makes an appearance in full, bedecked as usual in head-to-toe Golf Le Fleur, to deliver his verse from various vantage points around the house. In the video’s concluding scenes, the pair link up to sit on the couch, watching static on an old-fashioned TV set before Yuna notices a light shining down from the sky at night, stepping into the beam, and vanishing.

“Castaway” may be the first song on the album, but it’s the fifth single to date. Previously, the singer conducted shady deals on the back streets of Kuala Lumpur with G-Eazy in the video for “Blank Marquee,” explored a cyberpunk city as an animated avatar with Little Simz in the video for “Pink Youth,” performed traditional Malaysian dances in her self-directed video for “(Not) The Love Of My Life,” and showed off the native beauty of her home country in the video for “Forevermore.”

Rouge is out now via Verve Forecast Records and Universal Music Group.