10-Year Old Singer Sebastien De La Cruz Vs. The Racist Internet. Who Ya Got?

Note: Sebastien has responded to the hateful tweets, and we’ve included his response at the bottom of this post. Make sure not to miss it.

This is 10-year old singer Sebastien De La Cruz. You may remember him from the last season of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ where he was one of those kids/old people/ugly people AGT moments where the judges are all, “pffft, f**k this person,” then get all teary-eyed and clappy when the person they judged by their cover has a magical voice. I feel like ‘America’s Got Talent’ does that three times per episode.

Anyway, Sebastien, as we mentioned, has a magical voice. He sang the Star-Spangled Banner before Game 3 of the NBA Finals in San Antonio (the one the Spurs dominated with record-breaking efficiency) and did a great job. Then, The Internet happened.

Via Public Shaming:

Unfortunately, this was just the beginning. I can see how a Hispanic kid wearing decorative national clothing instead of a trucker hat and sunglasses might throw some people off, but here are a few facts to remember as you read a sampling of hateful tweets, all via Public Shaming.

1. Sebastien De La Cruz is from San Antonio.

2. He is Mexican-American.

3. It is not a crime for people from other countries to sing our national anthem, ignoring the fact that this kid is from Texas, which is in the United States.



This is America, dammit.

You can check out the rest here (there are a lot of them), or, I don’t know, live the rest of your life pretending people like this don’t exist. Sorry, Sebastien.

Update: Here’s Sebastien’s response. Perfect.