105-Year Old Agnes McKee’s First Pitch For The Padres Was Even Better Than Expected

As expected, 105-year old Agnes McKee took the field at Petco Park yesterday to become the oldest person to ever throw out a first pitch before a San Diego Padres game. McKee, who was once married to a baseball player, was also probably the oldest person to throw out a first pitch this season, as the Chicago Cubs welcomed Babe Ruth’s 97-year old daughter, Julia Ruth Stevens, back in May and 101-year old Kitty Cohen vivaciously tossed one for the Toronto Blue Jays. If anything, these wonderful ladies have simply given us all plenty of jokes about how they could start for the Cubs.

McKee was the star of the day, and she looked absolutely elated to be out there in front of the announced attendance of 31,513 fans. And to prove her wrong on her previous claim that the Padres never win, San Diego defeated the New York Mets 2-1. Take that, you exceptional human being.

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