16-Year-Old Terrifies Developing Nation

01.19.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

This is Taiwanese Thai lighweight/flyweight that goes by the name of, if I can read the card here, Mapichit Sitsongpeenong, and he might be the scariest thing on two legs that I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been to Alabama. Sitsongpeenong can be seen here working out in prep for an upcoming fight (he uses four different sparring partners in a 36-minute session) throwing punches, kicks and knees, and I think he pulls out a whip towards the end and swings out of the gym. But just watch the first minute or so and you get the idea.

And this kid is sixteen years old. Maybe it’s good that America has a childhood obesity issue. Otherwise we’d be raising a nation of angry killing machines.

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