The 2014 Winter Olympics Are Taking A Page From ‘Saturday Night Live’ For Bathrooms

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01.22.14 11 Comments
Dual Toilets

“Available at all Bambergers.”

BBC reporter Steve Rosenberg Tweeted the above image yesterday of the toilets that he discovered while touring the facilities for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and obviously a lot of people were like, “Whaaaaaaaaaaat? For reeeeeeeeeal?” After all, a lot of us aren’t too familiar with the idea of dual toilets, and that which does not make sense to us should be mocked until a proper level of shame has been established for anyone who thinks this is normal.

Actually, according to some, communal toilets are considered “normal” to people in certain parts of Russia, and I assume in many other parts of the world. It’s just strange to us snobs here in the U.S., because we’re used to our 24K gold thrones, and especially my recline-o-potty that has a refrigerator built into the side. For other people, though, the idea of communal toilets in Sochi is pretty ironic with Russia’s anti-gay laws and rampant homophobia, especially since just looking at that photo invokes memories of Saturday Night Live’s iconic “Love Toilet.”


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