50 Cent Stars in ‘Things Fall Apart’

Rappers have made some of the worst movies in the history of American cinema. Cam’ron’s infamous Killa Season comes quickly to mind, but there have been countless more, including 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Trying. A 17% on the Rotten Tomatoes ‘Tomatometer’, however, will not keep Fiddy from giving they public more of what they obviously do not want. His new movie, Things Fall Apart, for which he lost 60 pounds, finally has a trailer. And by God, does it look awful.

As you’ll recall, Fiddy plays fictional Michigan Wolverines football star, Deon Barnes, whose NFL aspirations are ruined after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Now, with the help of his family and Dr. Ray Liotta, 50 must beat cancer and the odds by making it to the NFL. But the producers done messed up big time, filming at a Grand Rapids community college stadium and indoor soccer facility, painting pieces of wood to fill in as extras, using that same community college team’s uniforms, while making sure to include no actual connection to the University of Michigan. All of which make the movie a perfect storm of suck, and the trailer certainly lives up to expectations. It’s posted after the jump, for the consideration of the Academy.
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via The Boombox