Bookies Are Getting Nervous After 95 Percent Of Betting Goes Conor McGregor’s Way

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08.22.17 4 Comments

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For a fight that’s supposed to be a lopsided blowout in Floyd Mayweather’s favor, Conor McGregor sure is getting a lot of love on the betting front. The fight originally opened at a staggering -2500 Mayweather vs +1100 McGregor (meaning you’d have to bet $2500 to win $100 off a Floyd win, while $100 would get you $1100 if Conor won), but the sheer volume of money coming in on McGregor warped the odds to where they stand today at -475 Mayweater to +375 McGregor. That makes McGregor less of an underdog than Marcos Maidana, Miguel Cotto, and Victor Ortiz.

But let’s be clear: the establishment still isn’t giving McGregor much of a chance. They’re just being forced to change the odds to make sure they don’t get absolutely crushed should Conor actually win. A good line (as far as the sportsbook goes) is one that draws the right balance of bets on both sides so the losers on one side cover the pay out for the winners on the other.

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