A Fight Broke Out Because These Two Golfers Disagreed About A Rule

08.05.14 4 years ago
Golfers fight

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Two golfers in Pennsylvania got into a brawl because they disagreed about a golf rule. Yes, this is the most #firstworldproblem thing you’ll read today. The two suspects, aged 42 and 63, found themselves in the hospital as a result of the fracas. Police are debating whether to charge them with aggravated assault.

Apparently the argument started after a ball found a water hazard.

According to a news release, the suspects were playing together at the Springdale Golf Course in South Union Township Sunday afternoon when “they became embroiled in a heated debate over the rules of golf, specifically regarding water, on the 5th hole.”

The golfers managed to finish that hole and another before the argument “reignited” on the 7th hole “similarly involving rules, or lack of understanding of said rules.”

Everything about this is just mind-numbingly stupid and yet so awesome. Like, I wish I was there. I wish I witnessed that argument. And I sincerely hope their names were Thurston and Wellington. Please let it be Thurston and Wellington. That would make this story the best.

Also, you know these guys call in when they see rules violations on TV. They so do. A-holes.

[CBS Philly]

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