A Man Lost His Job For Hanging An Alabama Flag On Texas A&M’s Stadium

Texas A&M University’s Kyle Field, the home of the Fightin’ Aggies and birthplace of the Money Havin’ Manziel, is currently undergoing a spectacular $450 million renovation, which will make it one of the premiere homes of college football in the country. It will also be one of the country’s most expensive places of employment, in terms of companies that pay management with giant bags of gold coins and actual employees with crappy sandwiches, limited medical coverage and the opportunity to be considered for the NFL. Oh, and scholarships for that education thing that those student-athletes value above all else.

But forget the kids playing on the field, because it’s a guy helping to build the stadium who is without wages today. A crane operator named Bobby Livingston claimed on his Facebook page on Sunday that he was fired from his job with contractor Manhattan-Vaughn after he jokingly hung an Alabama Crimson Tide flag at Kyle Field.

The picture went viral on social media with some of his Facebook friends supporting the gesture. One Texas A&M student wasn’t amused. Alex Spear says, “This is one of the biggest things we’ve done in a long time (Kyle Field renovation. Now, one of our biggest rivals has their flag flying over our stadium. Not what you want to see.”

But did it warrant his firing? Some Aggie and Crimson Tide fans chalked it up to just a harmless joke. A friendly rivalry between teams. (Via KBTX)

Debate about this all you want, but college football is the most important thing on Earth. If you mess with someone’s stadium, prepare to have your life ruined. That’s all there is to it. Roll Aggies.

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