A Milwaukee Woman Has Been Charged With Attacking A Boy With ‘Dodgeball Rage’

Dodgeball – it’s not just for punishing the fat kids in gym class anymore. Now, it appears that something known as 3-D Dodgeball at Sky Zone in Waukesha, Wisconsin is at the center of one Milwaukee mom’s unexpected fit of “dodgeball rage” against a 12-year old boy. A 27-year old mom claims that she was just looking out for herself and her son during a birthday party last winter, when another boy at the event was targeting faces and heads, which is, of course, a huge no-no in the eternal rules of dodgeball, as etched in stone by the gods.

After she and her son were popped in the face by the same kid, Dominique Jude reportedly grabbed the boy, shouted profanities and invited everyone else at the party to pelt him in the face to see how he liked it. According to her, though, she didn’t actually tell the other kids to hit the boy with their dodgeballs. Jude claims that she simply asked him how he would like it if they did. It’s a classic case of she said/a witness said.