Aaron Rodgers Yelled ‘I’ve Owned You All My F*cking Life!’ At Bears Fans After His Touchdown Run To Ice A Win

Aaron Rodgers might not play his entire career in Green Bay as he spent this offseason feuding with management and worked out a deal that will give him the opportunity to demand a trade this offseason from the Packers. However, whatever comes next for the future Hall of Famer certainly won’t involve him going to Chicago, a team he has tortured for his entire career.

The Packers paid a visit to Soldier Field on Sunday afternoon for what could be the final time with Rodgers at the helm, and No. 12 made sure that, if it was the final time, he reminded Bears fans of his dominance over them in a 24-14 win. Rodgers sealed the Green Bay win with a touchdown run in the closing minutes, getting popped as he crossed the goal line, but he bounced up immediately to tell the Chicago crowd “I’ve owned you all my f*cking life,” and yelling “I own you” over and over as he ran through the end zone to deliver the same message to the fans behind the end zone.

It is some tremendous villainry from Rodgers, who embraces the hate in Chicago and seemingly lives to rip out the hearts of Bears fans — although, to be fair, he does this to most teams in the NFC North. But the Bears in particular seem to be a team he loves to beat, and he’s done it a lot, going 21-5 in his career against Chicago, certainly backing up his taunt on Sunday. The good news for Chicago is that, maybe, possibly, he’ll be gone soon and the boogeyman that lived in the division will be no more.