Aaron Rodgers Is The Best At Photobombing

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10.13.11 15 Comments

I have a very short list of athletes that I believe it is impossible to hate – Albert Pujols and the Iron Sheik. And depending on the outfit I’ll throw Maria Sharapova on that list sometimes as well, but most of the time it’s just the first two. Lately, though, I’ve been thinking that Aaron Rodgers deserves a place on my list because he’s basically just awesome.

Rodgers currently leads the NFL in passer rating and his Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers are 5-0, and I understand that both of those facts are probably enough to make fans of the other teams in the NFC North hate him. But looking at it from a logical standpoint, the guy is just so seemingly squeaky clean and great at what he does that it’s impossible to not at least respect the hell out of him.

In fact, here are three quick reasons why you should love Aaron Rodgers:

1) In only his 7th NFL season and 4th as a starter, he has already destroyed Brett Favre’s legacy in Green Bay. Granted, he had a lot of help from Favre, who constantly destroys his own legacy better than anyone, but Rodgers not only won a Super Bowl, but he also earned the game MVP, something Favre never did. Rodgers also doesn’t throw interceptions on every other drive.

2) He might have slept with Erin Andrews. And Michelle Beadle wanted a piece, too.

3) Most importantly, he has a great sense of humor. Sure, the WCW title belt is a little odd, but the mustaches are sort of cool.

But the ultimate example is that in the three seasons leading up to his chance to finally be the starter, Rodgers photobombed nearly every team picture of the Packers’ captains. That’s pretty damn funny and impressive. And yes, I’m aware that this isn’t breaking news, but I was not aware of it until today, so it’s brand spanking new to me. With that said, enjoy Rodgers’ greatest photobombing efforts.

(Via Acme Packing Company with a hat tip to The Chive.)


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