Aaron Rome Suspended for Killing Nathan Horton

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06.07.11 32 Comments

One of the highlights (or lowlights, depending on how you look at it) of the Stanley Cup Finals was Aaron Rome’s absolutely monster hit that took out Nathan Horton. What actually happened is one of those things that make Internet communities type “your a f**ken idiot” to each other, but here’s what you need to know: Horton didn’t have his head up, and Rome blindsided him (a lot later than he should’ve) and Horton spent the rest of his evening having ice shoveled out of his head. The Canucks lost the game, based on some combination of penance and good hockey.

Today, the league reacted. From Blue Seat Blogs:

First of all the Canucks got a beat down losing the game 8-1 (in part thanks to the penalty issued on Rome) and today Rome was suspended by the league for 4 games for his actions on the Bruins forward, actions that have cost Horton the remainder of the Cup Finals as the Bruins announced earlier today. It has also been announced that Horton has been released from hospital.

I want to know what you think. We get a lot of commenters who seem to know what they’re talking about (even when they don’t), so fill me in. Is this a fair decision? Was Rome’s hit as cheap as it looked? And is the loss of an important piece of their offense going to hurt the Bruins, or are they just going to roll? Can the Canucks recover, and is it their moral imperative to do so? Should the Bruins get together and beat the orca sh** out of Fin?

Don’t wait until something pisses you off to comment, let’s talk f**king ice hockey.

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