Report: ABC Is Hoping To Steal A Sunday NFL Broadcast Package From Fox Or CBS

01.08.19 6 months ago 3 Comments

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There’s a strange comfort that comes with knowing where to find the National Football League on Sunday afternoons. For decades, NBC was the longtime home of the AFC. Then in 1995, things changed and CBS took over the AFC broadcasts while Fox continued carrying the NFC.

Things are a bit more decentralized these days, as NBC’s return to broadcasting the NFL in the form of Sunday Night Football in 2006 changed the way the league assigns games, something that continued to change in the years that followed. And one of the biggest developments of that deal was that ABC no longer broadcasted NFL football — NBC took over Sunday Nights, ESPN took Monday Night Football from ABC and the latter focused on network programming instead.

ABC and ESPN are all owned by Disney, anyway, so it’s not like the parent company was out of the NFL ecosystem, qnd if reports are true, they’re willing to get the network broadcast channel back in the game in a big way. According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, ABC apparently wants to bid for a Sunday afternoon broadcast package.

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