Adidas Is Bringing Special Jerseys To Original Six Teams In ‘NHL 19’

11.05.18 8 months ago


Adidas is helping EA Sports give fans of Original Six NHL teams something special in NHL 19. The company that is responsible for the league’s real jerseys on the ice has made a special set of designs that players of the cornerstone video game series can use for the league’s first six teams.

EA and adidas announced the kits on Monday, and they’re a fun mix of futuristic while embracing the teams’ retro styles. The franchises in Boston, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Chicago and Detroit don’t refresh their looks all that often, leaning hard on history and heritage in their everyday looks. But video games are a fun chance to experiment with what ifs, and that’s exactly what they do here.

Check out Boston’s look here. It’s not exactly them putting a giant bear on the front of a bright yellow jersey here, but the variation is nice.


Montreal and Detroit admittedly have designs that are a bit boring, though that’s nothing new for the Red Wings as of late. Toronto is often a team put in that category as well, but they went for something a bit different here, with the minimalist maple leaf design starting at the very bottom of the jersey and taking up the majority of the jersey’s front.

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