Adidas Is Celebrating The 20th Anniversary Of ‘The Waterboy’ With Mud Dogs Bourbon Bowl Apparel

10.15.18 10 months ago


The Waterboy may not be your favorite Adam Sandler sports movie, but two decades after its release it holds up surprisingly well. That’s probably because college football is always insane, there are some odd sports cameos that make you go “oh yeah that’s right!” and it’s also extremely quoteable.

In the movie, (spoilers!) Sandler’s Bobby Boucher goes from waterboy to star linebacker on a small Cajun college football team, leading them all the way to the Bourbon Bowl against their hated rival. The Waterboy, of course, leads a comeback win after some Act Two obstacles to overcome and ends up getting the girl, too. There’s also a lot of gratuitous football violence.

Adidas is celebrating the 20 year anniversary of The Waterboy and South Central Louisiana State University’s big Bourbon Bowl win by bringing out some now-throwback merchandise to celebrate the achievement. That includes Boucher’s Mud Dogs home jersey and some other fun apparel.

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