Adrian Peterson Got Sick After Swallowing His Chewing Tobacco On The Vikings’ Team Plane

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was mysteriously downgraded to questionable on the team’s injury report on Saturday night, leaving his status in doubt for the Vikes’ game against the Detroit Lions. It was unknown what exactly was ailing Peterson until just prior to gametime on Sunday afternoon, when it was revealed that the “illness” was caused by a chewing tobacco incident on the team’s charter.

Welp, that’s a new one. The FOX broadcast crew addressed the incident right off the bat in their pregame introduction, saying Peterson swallowed his chew when the plane dropped about “eight or nine-hundred feet,” causing him to throw up upon arrival in Detroit. Turbulence is never fun, but one would assume it’s a lot less pleasant when it causes your chew to slide down the chute. The aftermath of that could not have been pretty at all.

Luckily for Peterson, he was able to recover and make the start for the Vikings on Sunday, avoiding any further embarrassment. Something tells me the team’s coaching staff might implement a ban on chew during flights moving forward. Losing Peterson because of such a hilariously dumb reason would have been a PR nightmare in Minnesota.