Sting Ended His Career With A Win Over The Young Bucks At AEW Revolution

GREENSBORO — Sting has wrestled his final match, submitting Matthew Jackson in the main event of AEW Revolution to retire with the AEW World Tag Team Championship alongside Darby Allin.

The Young Bucks made their EVP entrance, followed by Darby Allin, and eventually an iconic entrance by Sting, flanked by his two sons dressed in retro and NWO Sting gear. As soon as they hit the ring, Allin attacked the Bucks and Sting’s sons hit Stinger Splashes to the Bucks in the corner.

Sting and Allin pulled out tables, a ladder, chairs, and sheets of glass. Allin and Sting pulled the Bucks out through the crowd and eventually to the top of the entrance ramp. Nicholas Jackson slammed Allin off the stage through a series of table. Matthew Jackson suplexed Sting off the other side of the entrance ramp through another series of tables.

Back in the ring, the Young Bucks set up a ladder in the corner and powerbombed Allin into it. Allin hit a stunner on Nicholas and a rolling powerbomb on Matthew. Allin set up the ladder at the edge of the ring and slammed Nicholas’s head into the stairs. Allin went for a dive off the ladder and missed the Young Bucks, slamming back first into the glass and chairs.

Back in the ring, Sting took on both Young Bucks by himself. Sting climbed the ladder with Matthew on the table, Nicholas grabbed the glass and set it in the corner. Matthew then powerbombed Sting through the table, but he instantly got back to his feet, then the Young Bucks slammed Sting into the sheet of glass. Matthew hit a Scorpion Death Drop for a two count.

The Young Bucks took out Ricky Steamboat at ringside, then Ric Flair climbed in to cover Sting’s body from the Bucks. They superkicked Flair, then Matthew hit Sting with a championship belt. Back on his feet, they stereo superkicked Sting, but he stayed on his feet and hit a clothesline. Matthew reversed the Scorpion Death Drop and the Bucks hit a BTE trigger on Sting for two. They hit another BTE trigger, but Sting kicked out at one. They hit another superkick, then Matthew set Sting up for the Tony Khan Driver.

Allin knocked Nicholas off the top rope and Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop on Matthew for a two count. Allin, covered in blood, hit the Coffin Drop on Matthew, then Sting locked in the Scorpion Death Lock to earn the tap out victory.