American Airlines Lost A Golfer’s Clubs, And Now He Might Not Be Able To Compete In Rio

Argentine golfer Emiliano Grillo came to the Rio Olympics prepared to compete in the golf event. There is just one problem. Apparently American Airlines wasn’t quite as prepared as Grillo, as they have lost his clubs. Now it’s looking like he may not be able to compete at all.

Grillo, like so many people aggravated with an airline, took to Twitter to try and solve his problem. He repeatedly tweeted at American Airlines to express concern about his missing golf bag, even pointing out the specific airports he wanted them to look in for his bag. American Airlines did tweet him back, saying they were looking for it, but that didn’t really comfort Grillo. At least he had a more pleasant experience with Domino’s.

Grillo is scheduled to tee off at 6:30 a.m. on Thursday. If his clubs aren’t found by then, it would appear that Grillo is going to miss his opportunity to compete at the Olympics. That, of course, would be terrible.

The Olympics may not be a huge golf event, but it was still a big opportunity for Grillo. Not being able to golf because an airline lost your clubs would be an almost impossibly cruel turn of events. Hopefully his clubs will be found, and will arrive in time. Maybe Grillo needs to turn to Domino’s and hope they have better luck finding his clubs.

(Via Bleacher Report)