Anderson Silva Is Prepping For Chris Weidman At UFC 168 By Desperately Needing A Hobby

The stage is set for one of the biggest stories in UFC history.

Chris Weidman shocked the world at UFC 162 when he (along with nearly a dozen conspiracies) knocked out the dominant Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. The ink was dry on a rematch before Silva’d even gotten to his feet, and in December they’ll face off at UFC 168.

Silva is training his ass off in preparation for the big fight, and it looks like this:

1. Try to not burst into tears whenever you think about the fight
2. Figure out how long Chris Weidman’s arms are before trying to do that thing where you nonchalantly dodge backwards without putting your hands up, because that didn’t really work out so great for you last time
3. Burger King, constantly
4. lip-sync R&B hits, upload videos of it to YouTube

He’s currently on step #4.

If you weren’t previously familiar with Jagged Edge’s seminal 2001 hit ‘Goodbye,’ you are now. Does lip-syncing to a 12-year old song in portrait mode officially made Anderson Silva an old man? Weidman should upload a properly-shot video of himself punching shit with Slayer’s ‘Raining Blood’ playing in the background to Vimeo. One-up him in every possible way.

Study question: why is Anderson Silva wearing headphones if the music is loud enough for everyone to hear?