Anthony Rizzo Let The Emotion Flow Talking About David Ross To Chicago’s Parade Crowd

Somewhere in the neighborhood of five million people gathered in Chicago to celebrate the Cubs winning the World Series on Friday, but no two among the masses are better friends than Anthony Rizzo and David Ross.

Rizzo got all up in his feels talking about the Cubs catcher during the parade. Ross is retiring this season after 15 seasons. He spent the last two seasons in Chicago as the Cubs went from a young team full of promise to the firs North Side squad to win a World Series in 108 years. Rizzo credited Ross, who also won a World Series with the Boston Red Sox in 2013, for helping him become a champion.

As Rizzo said:

He taught myself personally how to be a real winner. And… who. He’s like a brother to me. (chokes up)

Ross was an unlikely star in Game 7, entering the game in the fifth inning to catch Jon Lester and immediately got hit in the face with a wild pitch. The next inning, he became the oldest player in World Series history to hit a Game 7 home run. He celebrated that dinger as he apparently has all dingers this season—by bumping dongs with his teammates.

On Friday, Rizzo made it clear his teammates appreciated all he’s done for the World Champions.

He’s taught me how to be… He’s taught me a lot in life. On the field, off the field, how to be a better person. I’m forever grateful for him and, uh, he’s going out a champion forever. For the rest of his life he can say the last game he played in he’s a World Champion.

Rizzo then introduced the soon-to-be-retired catcher, and the two shared a big embrace in front of the cheering crowd.

Ross himself wiped away tears under his sunglasses eyes before taking the podium. But like any catcher, Ross bounced back quickly with an excited scream of “CHICAGO!”

“Look what the boys got me!” Ross said, holding up the World Series trophy. Seems like it’s pretty good to be a Cubs fan these days.