Are FSU And Texas A&M Joining The SEC?

08.12.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

North Carolina State men’s basketball coach Mark Gottfried created/contributed to some rumblings on the old Twitters last night, saying that he has heard that Texas A&M and Florida State may join the SEC. Texas Governor Rick Perry has been praying daily for the SEC to call on A&M, and that shouldn’t surprise anyone because he’s an Aggie alum. But the news about FSU is a bit of a surprise, since the ‘Noles have been ACC mainstays for 20 years. Either way, the Internet is awake so the spin machines are working.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

If the rumors about Texas A&M do pan out, though, it would send the SEC to 13 teams and a potentially swollen SEC West division. That probably would send the conference looking for a suitable SEC East counterpart to balance the sides. For that reason, most believe Florida State, a team already located in the heart of Dixie, and with a big SEC-style following, would be that 14th team.

Sucks for you, University of West Florida. But won’t somebody crap on that rumor?

From Dawg Sports:

For this reason, it may not be enough simply to say (as, admittedly, I have suggested on occasion) that, because Tallahassee lies solidly within the SEC’s geographic footprint, the Florida St. Seminoles cannot deliver the requisite viewership. The ‘Noles, having been a national brand in the ‘90s, potentially could attract fans lying outside their immediate geographic environs, by virtue of FSU’s name recognition throughout the country. For this reason, the Oklahoma Sooners possess an appeal that goes well beyond the team’s ability to deliver the Oklahoma City market.

Oh snap, FSU. Take your racist mascot and run home. How about some negativity for A&M?

From the NY Daily News:

If A&M were to enter the SEC as a member of the West Division this year, where would they finish? Certainly behind Alabama and LSU. Maybe behind Arkansas, which they play in Dallas next month, and Mississippi State, and possibly even behind defending national champion Auburn, which was picked to finish fifth in the division.

Normally when schools join a conference, they pick leagues with similarly-successful programs so they still have a chance to win championships.

Rick Perry is sending you to hell, Dick Weiss.

So what have we learned today? That college football season has arrived and we should expect an entire season of these baseless, unsubstantiated rumors. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

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