Assistant Coach Doesn’t Like Unsportsmanlike Conduct Call, Punches Ref Because ‘Sportsmanship’

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10.16.12 21 Comments

An unsportsmanlike conduct call turned into for-real unsportsmanlike conduct during a game between the West Park Saints and Miramar Patriots in West Park, FL, on Saturday. I’ll let the US News set the stage:

After he threw the flag, [official Andrew] Keigans turned around an bumped one of the players and moved the player to the side to talk to one of the other referees, the report said.

The assistant coach, who disagreed with the penalty, barged the field and confronted Keigans as he was held back by head coach Antonio Lane, the report said.

Because the assistant coach left the sidelines and entered the field of play to confront Keigans, the head referee decided to end the game, the report said.

If you read that blockquote or looked at the picture at the top of the post (or skimmed and watched the video before you read this), you might’ve stood up in your computer chair, pointed at your screen and shouted “RACE THING!” This is normal.

It’s what most of the Internet is doing. One side points out that there were four refs, three black and one white, and the black assistant coach went sprinting-and-slapping at the lone white guy. One side points out that while prejudiced people attribute this to “typical savage behavior” (their words, not mine), there is a country full of white people (Canada) who go nuts and have bloody riots at pee-wee hockey games every day. Others still point out the arrival of RICK RO$$ as a peacekeeper in the clip, because that is hilarious.

The truth is that this fight is not about race. It’s about how stupid you are for letting a convicted felon coach your little league team. Turns out the guy doing the assaulting isn’t someone racist folks assume is a criminal, he’s an actual criminal. Whoops!

State records show Robinson, of West Park, is a convicted felon who over the years has had more than a dozen arrests. Records show Robinson served prison time in the 1980s for robbery. Among the cases to which he has pleaded no contest since 2003 are cocaine delivery, indecent exposure and unlawful use of a false name, the records show.(via The Sun-Sentinel)

See? You shouldn’t judge people by the color of their skin. You should judge them based on how many times they’ve gone to jail for falsifying records and showing their dicks to people.

Here’s the video (of the attacks, not the dicks), in case you’d like to see a fat guy get slapped so hard his hat flies off.

[h/t to Cosby Sweaters]

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