Sports On TV: At Home With The Wilforks’ 20 Greatest Roomba Moments

Quick, name three things that don’t have anything to do with each other!

1. cheesy old sitcoms

2. New England Patriots DT Vince Wilfork

3. roomba

Now, put them all together. What do you get? ‘At Home With The Wilforks!’

When Vince Wilfork from the New England Patriots and his wife Bianca are home with their kids, they just want to enjoy themselves and not worry about getting things done around the house. That’s why they’re huge fans of iRobot. Check out a day in the life of Vince, his family and their robots.

I love this so much, especially the fact that the message seems to be, “buy a robot so your wife won’t yell at you when you start throwing food at your children.” Also, how horrible must their regular lives be if the mom leaves the house and comes back hours later to find everyone in the same couch hole as when they left, and that’s a WIN?

No matter how good these commercials get (and I hope there are at least a hundred more … you know, for syndication rights), they’ll always be the second-best TV roomba appearance:

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[h/t to 60 Max via Yardbarker]