Attention: WWE’s Lana Was Once The Lead Singer In A Pop Group Called ‘No Means Yes’

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06.10.14 24 Comments
Rusev crush Lana WWE No Means Yes



When we met her, the purpose of WWE’s “Ravishing Russian” Lana was to wear ill-fitting (but wonderful) business suits and instruct a large Bulgarian man to crush his opponents. She’s one of the most beautiful people we’ve ever seen, so we were okay with that.

As it turns out, Lana’s got a long, deep history of attempting fame. She was an FSU Cowgirl alongside Jenn Sterger. She had a role in the film Pitch Perfect and on the Cinemax show Banshee, which you should probably google. She’s a trained dancer is not afraid to breakdance in the ring when nobody’s watching. She’s a model, though you’d expect that.

Here’s something fun you might not know: Lana (aka CJ Perry) was also once the lead singer of an act called NO MEANS YES. They were signed by Ne-Yo, but only recorded one song, which I’ve included below. I think they only had one photoshoot to accompany it. “I can be ya hoochie momma” is a lyric.

This is not the kind of thing you get a golden star medal for.

(yes, I would like that very much.)

Too bad they never covered ‘Crush’, am I right?

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