07.17.08 10 years ago 12 Comments

I know a lot of sports fans, but I don't know a single person who actually gives a shit about who wins which Espy.  But still, it's nice of ESPN to throw a party for itself and invite attractive people.  Attractive people are the best party guests, I feel, because they're not ugly.  Nothing ruins a good party like ugly people.

Anyway, here's Kristen Bell, David Beckham & Justin Timberlake (for the ladies), Hayden Panties-something, Melyssa Ford, Sophia BOOSH!, the Beckhams, and someone named Brittany Gastineau at the big event.  I guess technically the photos of Hayden and Melyssa are from some ESPY-related party and not the actual award ceremony, but whatever.  Do you want tits or not?  Because I'm here for the tits, not the facts.  Just the tits, ma'am.  Just the tits.

Bonus fun time: Look closely at the photos and you just might see Erin Andrews.  It's like Where's Waldo?, if Waldo were a sexy blond chick interviewing the Beckhams.  DAMMIT!  I ruined the surprise!

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