Awwww, Orlando Thinks It’s Still Hosting The NBA All-Star Game

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11.17.11 5 Comments

Last month, when the city of Memphis was rumored to be considering a lawsuit against the NBA for lost revenue from the lockout, I took a drag from my ivory tobacco pipe, lowered my bifocals and asked my butler, “Shouldn’t Orlando be the first city to go after the NBA because of that whole All-Star Game thing?” Sadly, he couldn’t respond, because he’s a monkey butler.

But the city of Orlando is indeed doing something about the reality that there won’t be an All-Star Game, something so diabolical and ruthless that the NBA will have no choice but to bow down and take its punishment… Orlando is preparing for the All-Star Game.

Today, regular planning meetings are taking place to prepare for the game, which is scheduled to be played on Feb. 26 at Amway Center, and for the events that surround the game.

Additional meetings will occur on Thursday.

These sessions typically address logistical issues such as parking, traffic and security. They also teach people who work for the NBA about the arena.

(Via the Orlando Sentinel)

Bold strategy, Orlando, and I’m glad my beloved hometown means business. After all, Orlando’s mayor, Buddy Dyer, recently called the NBA on how this lockout will affect smaller market cities that depend on their teams for business revenue. The All-Star Game would have brought a windfall in bar, restaurant and bail money for the City Beautiful, but now that money won’t be seen until at least 2014. That doesn’t sit well with Dyer.

“I would think they [the NBA] would have a moral obligation to give us a second All-Star game since we wouldn’t be getting the All-Star game in the fashion that it was promoted to us,” Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer acknowledged.

I don’t know about a moral obligation, maybe an ethical or simply business obligation, since David Stern and the NBA told the Orlando Magic and the city to build the Amway Center. But after Magic fans booed Stern on opening night last season, I knew he’d get his revenge. I wouldn’t be surprised if he also filled Dyer’s underwear with scorpions. He is the devil, after all.

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