'Miami Heats' Would Be A Great Name For A South Florida Track Team

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.28.12 8 Comments

There’s a good chance our President is purposefully trolling us.

Only days after getting booed for thanking Boston for the Kevin Youkilis trade, here’s a clip of President Obama congratulating the “Miami Heats” on their NBA Championship. Yes, the “Heats”. Stupid Obama, don’t you know the proper pluralization for that team is the “Miamis Heat”? Too bad we don’t have an Hispanic President so he can’t rock one of those Los Heats jerseys.

You know he knows how to say it. Or maybe he’s sick of teams with vague idea names. Maybe next year he can congratulate the Minneosta Wilds and the Orlando Magics.

Two conflicting YouTube comment opinions:


so he is black afterall. big deal. We pluralize things that don’t need to be.


You should see my video Orwell was wrong they actually murder people wirelessly.

Any chance we could just let Boxxy be President for a year and give our country a series finale?

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