Bears Star Kyle Long On ‘Clueless’ People, His Twitter Babysitter, And Howie Long’s Best Movies

01.20.17 1 year ago 2 Comments

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Chicago Bears right guard Kyle Long is among the NFL’s most interesting characters. He’s engaging on Twitter, he livestreams himself playing video games on Twitch and stars in the very funny Campbell’s Chunky Soup’s “Everyman All-Star League” commercials with Drew Brees, Odell Beckham and others.

Long isn’t just an engaging figure off the field, as he also happens to be excellent at his job, opening his career with three straight Pro Bowl appearances. This year was a more trying year for Long on the field, as he suffered shoulder and ankle injuries that limited him to just eight games and required surgery.

Long spoke with UPROXX Sports about the frustrations of rehab and this past season, his Twitter presence, playing video games for charity, family, acting and of course, soup.

What is your rehab status and what has the process been like for you the past few weeks getting back from ankle surgery?

Everything is going well. It’s just a slow process trying to get the range of motion back. Weight bearing stuff pretty soon. I’ve been in Chicago for the entire offseason and will be until the spring to stay in close contact with the Bears’ staff.

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