Behold: The (Maybe) Lowest Golf Score Ever

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From Golf:

There is one 55 known to have been posted, and it was posted by a golfer you might have heard of: Homero Blancas. Blancas played on the PGA Tour in the 1960s and 1970s, and later on the Champions Tour.

Now, unless Shane Bacon, Reddit and an Oklahoman Australian are lying to me, we have two.

What you’re looking at is quite possibly the greatest 18 holes of golf ever played. The incredible 16-under round of 55 belongs to Aussie golfer Rhein Gibson, who took in a few rounds with his friends at River Oaks Golf Club in Oklahoma. His time spent at Oklahoma Christian University made him familiar with the course, and after a strong opening 10 he went full-on Super Saiyan and accomplished a final eight holes that would turn Video Game Tiger Woods into Actual Tiger Woods. Six birdies and two eagles. I can’t do that at Tiny Town Golf if I pick up the ball and drop it into the hole.

Sure, it was a practice round. Sure, you could probably just get a golf scorecard, write in a bunch of 1s, scan it, upload it to Reddit and convince a ton of people that you actually golfed it. But a 55 is a 55, and the end of the eye witness report is too amazing to be a lie:

Jim Young, a teaching pro and regular member of the Saturday morning group, summed it up hilariously. “Hey Rhein,” he said. “Act like you’ve been there before, even if NO ONE ever has!”

You might be asking yourself: “What do you do after you shoot a 16 under 55?”

If you are Rhein Gibson, you go home and mow the lawn.

I’m gonna go celebrate by marking down 12-over at Glow Golf.

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