These Netflix Football Movies And Shows Will Tide You Over Til Kickoff

09.09.15 3 years ago 8 Comments
best football movies shows on netflix

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We’re just a few yards short of the start of the NFL season, and, as is always the case when something good is on the horizon, these last few days are the most torturous. We don’t even have any worthless preseason games to pass the time. Just fantasy roster tweaking and the still vibrant hope that this season is going to be THE season for your team.

If you’re in that place of calendar-watching, desperate for Sunday’s dawn, then this list of the best football movies and shows on Netflix may be your salvation, so enjoy.

Varsity Blues

They say that, in Texas, football is a way of life, an institution, a religion or some other hyperbolic cliché. In the imaginary city of West Canaan, Texas, Coach Bud Kilmer (Jon Voight) is responsible for leading the Coyotes to the promised land that is their 23rd district championship. It looked like that was going to be exactly what happened until they hit a couple snags, including a talented back-up quarterback (James Van Der Beek) who’s more focused on getting out of the small town than being a star.

Blue Mountain State

College football is on a completely different level than high school. That’s when the big bucks get closer to being a reality and complicated politics start to come into play. In Blue Mountain State, you get to see all of that. But you also get to see all of the fun and crazy experiences that come with being a part of a team. It’s all looked at in this absolutely hysterical take on college football. All three seasons are available to stream now.

The League

You and your friends getting together and talking trash about NFL players’ suspensions and horrible games may be funny. But The League takes that to a completely different level while focusing on a group of friends that actually have physical trophies for first and last place, often sabotage each other and occasionally get to meet NFL players in real life. Check out the first six seasons before watching the final season on FXX.

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