Big Baby Davis – A High Flyer, Indeed

The Boston Celtics edged out the Miami Heat 85-82 in Boston, last night, in a very sloppy basketball game. Paul Pierce shot 0-10 from the field, Chris Bosh ended up playing the best individual game of the afternoon, and Mike Miller, of all people, took the shot that would have tied the game as time expired. The Heat, however, were lucky to get a chance to send the game into overtime.

Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis had a breakaway dunk opportunity early in the second quarter, but channeled his inner Woody Harrelson, and got stuffed by the front of the rim like an idiot. How is he still in the NBA? Don’t you have to be able to dunk to be an NBA big man? I’d rather watch a high school game instead of Glen Davis. At least high school games have cheerleader jailbait.

The fail, in its entirety, after the jump.

–Via The Basketball Jones