Get In The Holiday Spirit By Watching Bill Belichick Sing ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’

12.21.15 2 years ago

Bill Belichick is notorious for being one of the coldest, most difficult interviews in all of sports. Much like Greg Popovich, it’s pretty difficult to get anything juicy or quotable out of the Patriots coach in his press conferences, but every once in a while he’ll surprise you with a dry joke, a witty response or a brief flash of actual human emotion. It’s almost like getting a glimpse of a unicorn.

That’s what makes this cleverly edited video of Belichick “singing” the classic holiday tune “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” so great. You know it would never, ever happen in real life, so even seeing it come together in post production is so absurd that it makes you smile. Thank you for that, Fox Sports.

Now, the next order of business is that someone has to create an entire holiday album of Bill Belichick Christmas carols. That would be the greatest present of them all.

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