Bill Murray Tried To Steal The Ryder Cup

The UPROXX Network is made up of a variety of sites covering different topics with a range of points of view, but the one thing we all agree on is that Bill Murray is f**king awesome and should be humanity’s representative for everything. We’ve decided he should be elected to every Hall Of Fame, celebrated for his contributions to Major League Baseball’s neediest teams, asked to properly represent America’s Presidents and be made an ambassador to Asian nations.

Because no Bill Murray-related sports moment should go uncovered by this website, here’s a recap of The Murricane’s appearance in the 2012 Ryder Cup Captains & Celebrity Scramble at Medinah Country Golf Club on Tuesday. It began with him teaming up with golfer Tom Lehman and The Guy With The Hair from N*Sync, and ended with him leading the crowd in AMERICA chants and trying to pocket the cup.

Murray teamed up with Justin Timberlake, Dick Stockton and Tom Lehman to finish tied for second at 6-under par. The winning team consisted of Michael Phelps, George Lopez, Hal Sutton and Lanny Wadkins, who finished at 9-under.

I’m not happy knowing George Lopez can be better at something than Bill Murray, but it is what it is.

Video of Bill’s shenanigans is after the jump, followed by a clip of some of the other sports celebrities in attendance, including Phelps, Scottie Pippen and William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry. And George Lopez.


[clips via Devil Ball Golf]