Two Bills Fans Got Married At Halftime Of A Bills-Patriots Game

Josh Allen made a lot of questionable decisions during the first half of the Buffalo Bills game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, but at least he didn’t get married at the half. Instead, two Bills fans tied the knot in what’s considered the first wedding ever held in the middle of an NFL football game.

The Bills hosted a contest over the offseason in which couples vied to get married at the half of a game against the Patriots. CBS ran a pregame segment about the couple, who met in college and went to a Bills game early in their relationship. It later became a staple of their social schedule, which is why the gentleman proposed by throwing a football to her during a Bills tailgate that read “you’ve intercepted my heart.”

The Bills went all-out for this one: Jim Kelly gave away the bride, while former Bills defensive lineman Kyle Williams was the officiant for the wedding. Other former Bills greats served as spectators and, apparently, groomsmen.

Here’s some video of the ceremony that CBS showed later. It appears that no one threw a challenge flag during the ceremony, so it’s official and everything!

Williams, as he explained in a video that aired on CBS before the game, was the officiant for his sister’s wedding. So he was available! A Zubaz-patterned arch with a Bills logo at the top was a pretty tremendous touch, and it’s important to note that the mascot Billy Buffalo was wearing a tuxedo for the event, though someone on the field absolutely was wearing Zubaz to this celebration of love and 8-8 football seasons.

When the bride and groom kissed, the Bills played the train horn they play when the Bills defense is faced with an important third down. Love was, indeed, in the air in Orchard Park on Sunday.

There’s no word on where the happy couple will have their reception, though based on traffic patterns around that stadium it’s likely they’ll have a shindig in the parking lot. Otherwise, it’ll happen in traffic getting out of Orchard Park.